Starter Personal Branding Course For Recruiters


What you’ll learn across five distinct course stages

P for Purpose: You’ll gain an in-depth perspective on why you want to build your brand for yourself and your market—from understanding what you want to be known for by your candidates and clients to what you stand for as a recruiter. Assuring you come across authentic from the very start!

Basic Marketing Principles: I’ll help you understand the core marketing fundamentals that are worth knowing when building your brand. You may not think you’re creative and you’re a salesperson, but honestly, this isn’t rocket science. I will share with you the marketing expertise that’s worth knowing, nothing else.

P for Plan: I’ll teach you how to put your content ideas into a simple plan that works for you to give you the best possible chance of remaining consistent and having a strategy that works for you.

The Do’s and Don’ts on Linkedin: Learn how to effectively deliver content on Linkedin without making the mistakes I made early on and the mistakes your competitors will be making.

P for Paying it Forward & Quick wins: I’ll help you understand the correct mindset to adopt when building your brand for long term success and share with you some quick win tactics that can help you speed up your branding success.

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