Mario Michaels – How to turn spot business into a growing account.

    Jen Jackson – How to consult with your clients on diversity.

    Eden Whitcomb – How effective planning can help you become the top 1% in recruitment.

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    Agency Access – Up to 2 Recruiters

    Nicola Cutts – How to maximise your pro-active candidate sourcing activities.

    Gabi Preston-Phypers – How to speed up your candidate sourcing, through the power of Boolean!

    Matt Baird – How to educate & consult clients on the reality of the marketplace.

    Agency Access – Up to 4 Recruiters + 2 Free Leadership Positions for Mirai Tech Recruitment

    Agency Access – Up to 5 Recruiters Team Membership

    Spencer Cricks – How to work with your candidates who receive the dreaded counter offer.

    Nathan Darnell – How to perfect your headhunting outreach on the phone.

    Bernadette Clarke – How to build diverse communities

    Agency Access – Up to 5 Recruiters + 4 Leadership Seats for FJR Team

    Hishem Azzouz – How to turn your podcast idea into reality.

    Dan Alexander – How to become more productive and maximise your working day.

    Nick Guy – How to successfully land & expand in the US market

    Sarah James – How to start your diversity & inclusion journey as a recruitment consultant.

    Katie Maycock – How to prevent burnout in recruitment

    Agency Access – Up to 5 Recruiters (Broomham Pricing)

    Gareth Fox – How to transition to the American market

    Louise Davey – How to become a better leader

    Jack Prior – How to be more human with your candidates and clients

    Tony Bates – How to get the best out of your team

    Chris Stupack – How to get candidates to trust you from the very beginning

    Agency Access – Up to 10 Recruiters

    Agency Access – Up to 3 Recruiters

    Agency Upgrade

    Stephanie Bateman – How to best overcome objections

    Jay Guney – How to build long term relationships with your clients

    Andy Davis – How to transition from contingent recruitment to retained

    Jason Roulston – How to maximise your business development activity.

    Rob Hanna – How to manage and control a candidate through a process

    Agency Customer – Up to 20 Recruiters

    Agency Customer – Up to 15 Recruiters

    Chris Bennett – How to build a desk from scratch.

    Sam Holloway – How to maximise preparation to be successful.

    Kate Sandy – How to open the door with hiring managers.

    Emma Head – How to prospect and win business on Linkedin.

    Mel Houghton – How to build a top biller mindset.

    Kyle Gallagher – How to become the go to recruiter within your market.

    Recruitment Mentors Membership Annual

    Recruitment Mentors Membership

    Initial Launch Membership (Price Limited to 16th February)

    Initial Launch Membership


    Vicki Richardson – How to maximise taking job briefs.

    Lewis Adams-Dunstan – How to maximise follow-ups.

    Louise Archer – How to turn a job brief into a retained assignment.

    Nicholas Carman – How to always be open for business.

    Jack Catherall – How to go to market and build a desk from scratch.

    Nick Grantham – How to rebuild your desk after being in a leadership position.

    Liz Neidhardt – How to improve your interview to placement ratio.

    Michael Judkins – How to give yourself the best possible chance of having your candidate accept your job offer.

    Duane Cormell – How to improve your communication with candidates.

    Chevy Rough – How to better manage the lows of recruitment.

    John Guest – How to ensure you focus on the things you can control.

    Hishem Azzouz – How to actually start your branding journey as a recruiter.

    Ben Duncombe – How to continue to provide value and build trust with your network through your personal brand.

    James Mitra – How and why you should launch your very own podcast.

    Elly Greaney – How to use your brand for business development.

    Calum Lyle – How to become a director within your recruitment agency

    Arjun Gillard – How to create a winning culture within your team

    Agency Access – Up to 5 Recruiters

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